Zurriane Bennett

is the creator of the acclaimed PSD program, or Positive Self Defense — a revolutionary and yet simple approach to the basic human need of self-defense.


Shaped by insights gained in the military and law enforcement, Mr. Bennett brings over thirty years of valuable experience and multiple black belts to his holistic approach on self-defense. As a US Marine and then law enforcement personnel, he has come face to face many times with real criminals and serious threats. Through these often dangerous experiences, he honed his knowledge and application of realistic methods for protection and survival. In a variety of real world situations, Mr. Bennett has successfully protected himself and others against attackers who were often physically bigger and stronger than him.


His life’s work began as a journey of personal empowerment to overcome his obstacles. He began martial arts training as a child, and his skills would save him numerous times. Born into poverty against the backdrop of racial tensions, Mr. Bennett frequently witnessed crime, death and everyday negativity in his upbringing. At one point his son was kidnapped as a baby, and he later spent some of his life as a single parent. What could have been a story of surrender or destruction instead became his vision of positive self defense, a practical approach to overcoming the ugly dangers encountered in life. Now happily married and retired from active duty, Mr. Bennett is continuing his passion for protecting others through teaching and training.


All of his life experiences have led to PSD and his mission of helping others to stay positive and to protect themselves. As a self-defense expert and martial arts instructor with black belts in karate and jiu-jitsu, he has successfully trained people of all ages. He helps military and law enforcement personnel with combat tactics, business executives on safety, martial artists in refining techniques, children on resisting aggression, and women in rape defense, among others. His work has led to books, interviews, and best of all, countless success stories.



List of Professional Experience

Realistic self defense and martial arts has been at the foundation of Bennett’s work, which is geared toward public safety. Please see the list below for his professional history.


  • United States Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer
  • Law Enforcement Officer (NY and VA)
  • Instructor for Karate (sixth degree black belt)
  • Instructor for Jiu-Jitsu (black belts in three styles)
  • Sexual Assaults Victims Advocacy Service Volunteer Instructor
  • Occupational Safety & Health Officer
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Personal Protection Trainer
  • Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighter
  • Emergency Services Officer
  • Force Protections Officer
  • Marine Expeditionary Officer
  • Fire Safety Officer

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