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In addition to his highly effective Positive Self Defensive (PSD) teachings, Zurriane Bennett is a skilled martial arts instructor, with a sixth degree black belt in karate and black belts in several jiu-jitsu styles. At his San Yama Bushi and Combination GoJu School of Self Defense (SYBCG) in Northern Virginia, students of all ages are welcome to learn Positive Self Defense, karate, jiu-jitsu, and various other martial arts programs.


When taught properly, martial arts can be an exciting sport, a beautiful art form, and a practical self-defense tool. It is a practice that can bring enjoyment and fulfillment throughout one’s life. While teaching proper form and techniques, Mr. Bennett also focuses on connecting his students with mind and spirit. True martial art practitioners possess a sense of inner peace and calmness. Training will help expand both one's physical abilities and mental well-being, improving health and the ability to defend oneself in real world situations.

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