Positive Self Defense for Motorcycle Riders


As a motorcycle safety expert, Zurriane Bennett knows that the culture of riders is unique. In Positive Self Defense for Motorcycle Riders (What you need to know to protect yourself on the road), he further tailors his defense teachings to give riders a comprehensive understanding of the motorcycling world.


What he wants riders to know for a fun and safe ride is that 99% of motorcyclists hit the road for leisure. The majority crave the wind on their back or to have their partner cradle them as they zoom past a slow highway enjoying the sunset. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those riders. Unfortunately, riding isn’t always that easy.


The dark side of motorcycles involves rival gangs, turf wars, drugs, prostitution and above all else, a belief that the rules of these 1% of riders are the only rules that matter. Whether you’re looking to casually ride your bike or you’re a growing motorcycle aficionado, you need to be aware of what awaits before revving your engine.


Any new rider, or even experienced riders looking to brush up on protocol, should check out Bennett’s guide to sharpen their abilities and protect themselves on the road.

Riders can purchase the book on Amazon here.

ZV Stay


Positive Self Defense isn’t the only thing Zurriane Bennett has created. The martial arts and self defense instructor is also an avid motorcyclist, who introduced the ‘ZV Stay’ to the motorcycle world. Invented as a simple comfort solution, the ZV Stay prevents a motorcycle vest from riding up and rubbing on a rider’s neck.


A first of its kind on the market, the product is a simple two piece strap that attaches to the back of a vest and clicks on to a rider’s pants to keep the vest in place. Riders can say goodbye to irritation and enjoy their ride in style.


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