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In a field often filled with questionable techniques and dubious instructors, Zurriane Bennett brings decades of real world experience and teaches a form of self-defense that is realistic, practical, and battle tested. As a former US Marine and law enforcement officer with decades of martial arts training, he knows that each person’s self-defense instruction must be unique. A true expert and masterful teacher, he has been improving and revolutionizing the industry, helping many people to protect themselves and survive unexpected dangers.


In Positive Self Defense (PSD), Bennett goes beyond simply focusing on physicality and has mastered how to effectively train an individual’s mind and body to help them survive the unexpected. He will teach you all the necessary physical tactics, but will also show you how use your mind as a weapon and defense tool. Mr. Bennett has taught hundreds of PSD courses to people of all ages and received many success stories from people who were saved from disaster using his principles and techniques. He has worked with the military, FBI, police, businesses, schools, churches, and sexual assault prevention organizations, among others. Please contact us with any training requests or questions.




Positive Self Defense for Women

In his series of Positive Self Defense books, Zurriane Bennett tackles the topic of female safety in Positive Self Defense for Women, PSD-W. Bennett provides a guide, loaded with examples, on self-defense techniques for women that is robust in wide range of real world situations. Every day, women encounter different forms of potential danger, ranging from physical, sexual and emotional abuse. And, every day, all women need proper self defense protection. Mr. Bennett provides proper step-by-step self defense techniques and even instructs on the proper use of stun guns and pepper spray. Beyond the physical nature of self defense, Bennett’s mission is to instill in his readers the confidence and awareness to truly understand how to protect themselves. He teaches women to tap into the proper mindset in order to be calm but highly aware, whether it is at a parking lot, a bus stop, an ATM machine, or wherever danger may lurk.




Positive Self Defense for Men

Zurriane Bennett is the author of Positive Self Defense for Men, PSD-M. In this guide, Mr. Bennett uses his knowledge and experience in martial arts and the law enforcement field to draw upon the mental and physical mindset men must carry to defend themselves.  Each man is different; some are always looking for a fight while others lack the confidence to stand tall in the face of danger. Neither extreme is appropriate, and Mr. Bennett helps readers reach the proper mindset of being strong yet polite, diffusing most risky situations and fighting hard if it can’t be avoided.  The first half of his guide focuses on risk reduction strategies and training the mind, which he believes is truly the best form of self-defense. This means understanding yourself, your abilities, and your surroundings. Any everyday situation can become dangerous. In order to combat this, Positive Self Defense teaches not only how to perform highly effective physical techniques, but also how to carry the proper attitude and confidence to start each day knowing you can defend yourself. In terms of physical tactics, Mr. Bennett focuses the other half of his book on accurately detailing and illustrating proper techniques. Here you will learn strikes, joint locks, and numerous other defenses.


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